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2 years ago

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Well, if you've read my previous post " walking the dog ", you get the idea. This is a fantasy story. as I said before, we live in a beautiful part of the mountains, and spend much time in your walk with the dog. This time the dog stays at home! From time to time, I spent a night under the starry sky of a remote small lake. This continues to be inspired by hearing some "in which " the other side of the lake. Hers was a hot day, you know the kind, makes you sweat to the outside. This is a long walk on the lake near my house away, forget about 12 kilometers above all a time to take a step back, stress and pressure and only lost in my thoughts crazydumper go. I always try to sea to get fifth 00 cos that way I have the space for me. I, the tent, the evening meal on the road and after a decent bath in the lake. It gets rid crazydumper of the sweat and the way of a good sun-dried, bare ass. n This time I'm ready and a single bathroom to see a few feet off the crazydumper mountain of my lightsTLE lake. I know she can see my white ass through the clear water and I know that I go to an embarrassing moment when I get it now. Guess which are final and hikers will go in a crazydumper few minutes, so I run and swim to a smile when he went out. While passing through the store, a bit of ground level around the lake, the crazydumper size of a tennis court. Pitch your tent, and I think I'll have to get up and go boldly beyond the store and get dressed. Just when I thought I had no choice, I have to see the woman of crazydumper the couple, aged 40, shells of their clothes and get into the water, crazydumper the mean, while the man just sits. "I can connect to swim?" She asks, " Absolutely not," I think I am now, this water is quite cold, so I'm quite aware of me. She swims and says : "The cold water when you hang it on a jacket that was! " She rolled onto his back to show in the water, nipples erect most beautiful I ever seen, and only a vision of a beautiful pussy shaved. The black hair always looks good when its wet and it was different! " Well, at least we could hang somewhere! " He said : "The water is so cold, my towel rack has entered the house and my balls are on my shoulders," bold as brass floating around and pushes me into the cups and balls by hand. "In short, the way out! " She laughed. " What about your partner? crazydumper " I asked, "No problem, he loves me to another man to see " Now, I have two fantasies (ok, ok, there are more), an older woman and screw the kids have crazydumper a lady, that this was too good to be true. She pulls me toward him and pressed her breasts against me and grabs my ass. I slide my hands over her body, the flesh moist and cool and enjoy the excitement of a new partner. " Come on rocks across the lake" swam over the rocks, the angle in the water are so hot afternoon sun. It relies heavily on the rocks in front of me. I am rewarded withseeing her bare ass and pussy between the legs from behind, a favorite can see. rolls on his back on the rocks, and go to join her. I lay down beside her and we kissed deeply, but gently, my dick is hard already, but this will be his first time. I'm starting to roll her nipples between your fingers, feel as fresh fruit crazydumper and herbal and sink my head and start licking and sucking. She arches her back and lift your hips off the rock. I slip a hand between her legs and feel the warmth of her lips begin to swell they are. She pushes his head down and bury my face between her legs. Lick and nibble her clit. I think that slowly put a finger on it, just a very well-lubricated pussy crazydumper has two fingers to find happiness, she moans softly as I lick and probe as soon as they approach each other and running hard, while her juices and my flow of saliva from his crazydumper ass crack. " Mmmmm," he says in the warm a
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